The 21st century. Computers, cybernetics and the bleedin' Internet saturate our society. But what happens when the circuits blow and the robots get a bit twitchy in the old homicidal department? Who's job is it to sort 'em out and shut them down?
Gary Bea'em-Up and Terry Nads, top detectives of the TECHNOFUZZ, that's who!

HISTORICAL NOTE: This 'item' was written & produced in 1996. And it's f**king garbage! Technologically naive, intellectually offensive and plot exposition galore that ultimately goes nowhere. And that's what's so GOOD about it! Wahaay!!!

And grab hold of yer balls and sit tight because COMING SOON to ISOTOPEAUDIO: Bigger, louder, double the complicated plot and only slightly less crap: TECHNOPHOBIA 2.0!

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Format: mp3
Rated: Mature Only
Duration: 13:09
Quality: 192 kbps
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Sample rate: 44100
Written & produced by: MATTHEW MANNING
Principal cast (in order of appearance): Matthew Manning, Anthony Martin, Matthew Urmenyi, Daniel Victoire, Robert Di Falco, Thomas Lucifer. (Bournemouth University 1996)

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