Matthew (Matt) Manning
22 January 1974 - 10 December 2008

It's with a heavy heart I have to inform you of the untimely death of Matt Manning.

Whilst he had been quite seriously ill for sometime, he seemed to be steadily improving and looking forward to getting back into the creative swing of things in time for Christmas. Sadly due to complications arising from his illness, this was not to be and we lost him on Wednesday the 10th of December. It is a small comfort to know that he went peacefully in his sleep, having lost consciousness a number of days earlier.

It's devastating to loose such a good friend and rare talent so young.

IsotopeAudio. A place Matt named; Will NOT 404. Not on my watch. We will be silent for a while, as we have to get our collective heads around this. That said, Matt shared his unique view of the world freely. This site will continue and will in time, be added to. It continues to be, both a pleasure and an honor to help bring his love of contrary and anarchic fun (which I share) to any and all those who will listen. I hope that in time, I can in some small way help bring him, the audience that his work, so richly deserved.

Wes Thu Hal.

Fair well my friend, where ever your journey takes you.

Photographs graciously supplied by Robert Difalco

Memorial 1:
The Original "Twelve"
As you will notice from a lot of entries on this list (in no particular order); Matt liked to rework video into the stunning audio you can see today gracing the walls of Isotopeaudio these past 11 years. Now with the advent of copious disk space some of these early works can now be brought to your PC and mobile device. Enjoy, download and share.

Memorial 2:
FreshWater Clive
What more can you say. Lets go fishing for......

Memorial 3:
Something evil lurkes in the cul de sac....

Memorial 4:
11th Hour
More of a psychological piece; 11th hour takes a look at the old ransom run around trope.

Memorial 5:
Matt's "Rambo" parody and the basis of the later produced "War Machine" audio production.

Memorial 6:
A univercity project that the co-ordinators let Matt direct and as a result chaos results with a pack of nurotic presenters slowly desintegrating in front of a live studio audience.

Memorial 7:
Toms On The Case!
Matt returns, hot on the tail of AWOOGA! As Tom's long suffering camera man.

Memorial 8:
Spooky Cops
Matt's final work, still very much a work in progress when he left us. We tried to finish it with the footage we had. The results are debaitable but then that was never really the point. It was more of Matt and that's all that really mattered.

Memorial 9:
Feeding the wildlife
A short piece, showing how quickly Matt could redirect an audience; from the normal to the strange and unusual.

Memorial 10:
Mini Cab Sketch
This is the original video of the "File it Under F" sketch.


Productions displayed here are kept as a part of a memorial archive
of which Matt Manning was a part. Copyrights remain the property
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whenever possible permission has been sought.