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Sound Effects Library
Hello, D1 here. It would appear that I'm not only working for free doing intros and outros. I'm also managing the inefficient navel lint you call "copy" too. Brilliant. Why not just slap a slice of bread between my cpu's and use me as a smegging toaster whilst your at it? Anyway, THIS is the Isotopeaudio sound effects library. Where you can download copyright clear sound effects, which have been recorded as uncompressed WAV files by me or my flesh wrapped organ bag of a creator.

Yes, I said free, I told him to charge but he has this weird lefty "Make it all free, so people can make more." Obsessive thing going on. I did manage to haggle him down to a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence so don't take the piss eh? Sure, you can make money out of derivative works, just don't forget who your mommy is.

That'll be me. By damn straight. Here's the list; I KNOW it's a little messy, I'm working on it; as it comes. But then, what the hell do you care? It's free! Get your snouts in the trough little piggies; rip us off, until your stubby little flesh nubs ooze rouge, for all I care.

Forever your superior, D1-tsunami.

0000 Old Lift At Rest
0001 Old Lift Doors
0002 Old Lift up/down
0003 Old Lift transiting
0004 Old Lift general ops sounds
0005 Old Lift alarm
0006 Footsteps in snow
0007 Driving motorway with rain
0008 Driving motorway car interior
0009 Rain
0010 Aircraft Interior
0011 Wind in the trees
0012 Brush Turkey Call
0013 Brush Turkey Call
0014 Rainbow Lorikeets
0015 Waterfall Close
0016 Waterfall Mid-range
0017 River Mid-range
0018 River Close
0019 Rainforest Ambience
0020 Rainforest Ambience
0021 Rainforest Cicadas
0022 Rainforest Cicadas
0023 Steamtrain interior
0024 Steamtrain interior
0025 com-air cabin
0026 London Bus stop start
0027 camera clicks corrective hum
0028 cat meow
0029 Chain pulled ferry
0030 exiting plane to tarmac
0031 Ferry Cafe
0032 Street Gibraltar
0033 Car Ferry
0034 Bunker.wav
0035 Train Leaving
0036 train
0037 Traffic tunnel footsteps
0038 Airport cafe
0039 Animal Sanctury
0040 Building site traffic
0041 Car speeding past
0042 2cars slow past
0043 Gibraltar vista
0044 Gibraltar vista evening
0045 Generator hum
0046 Seagulls beach
0047 Extreme wind distortion
0048 Neck click
0049 Sea breathing
0050 Sea wind distort
0051 Gibraltan Cafe
0052 Gibraltan street traffic
0053 Gibraltan street cafe
0054 Amsterdam_pub
0055 Amsterdam_train_arriving
0056 Amsterdam_traffic_quiet
0057 Amsterdam_street_trams
0058 Door_open_close
0059 Phone_ring_pickup_down
0060 NY_taxi_door_alarm
0061 NY_Grand_Central_station
0062 NY_Grand_Central_escalator
0063 Gun_mags
0064 NY_subway
0065 NY_subway_build
0066 NY_subway_in_the_carrage
0067 UK_train_in_the_carrage
0068 NY_9-11_Memorial
0069 NY_Street_Traffic
0070 NY_Train
0071 Getting_off_tourist_boat
0072 Hotel_room
0073 Super_nice
0074 Trafalger_square_crowd
0075 Tram
0076 Street_Scene
0077 NY_subway_LTrain
0078 SF_Golden_Gate_toll_road
0079 Band_tune_up


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