Blatant Self Promotion
Blatant Self Promotion!
Yes! Blatant Self Promotion, that's the name of the game. It's the give aways, the freebies, those handy dandy pictures, twiddly animations and sound effects that you can all rip off and slap all over your links pages and forums, proving;

A ) You like the taste of our broth.
B ) You want to send more innocent net lambs to our abbitour.
C ) That your claiming yet another sense of belonging and building your online id through digital flag waving.

and who are we to deny those who have taken time out of their busy days to listen (or view) to our works? I won't be looking this gift horse in the mouth no sir-eee. So Yes! Have stuff!

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Bernard Wong - Kung Fu Avenger!
Derek Stella Deep Space Bounty Hunter
Double Extra Super Special Squad
File It Under F
Space 99 Flake
The War Machine

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